Love others as well as you love yourself. Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 22 verse 39

Owls Class

Welcome to Owls Class.  Our teachers are Miss Townsend and Mrs Simons.

Summer Term 2 NewsletterKS2 Home-School Agreement

Owls Spring term

This term has been a really busy one as it was our school production along with Herons & Swans. It took a lot of hard work but in the end, the children did a fantastic job and should very proud of themselves.

In class, we have been looking at ‘Megacities’ as our main topic and learning about ‘Sound’ in Science. We learnt all about the ear and how sound gets from a source to our ears. We designed and made musical instruments. Here are some photos of us in action.

We had the Lincs music team in teaching us how to play the ukelele. By the end, we were able to play many different notes and even a song from our play which had been especially arranged.

In topic we investigated what a ‘megacity’ was, where in the world they were and which was the first megacity. We looked at cityscapes in art which had been painted by Monet and we then recreated one using pastels.

It was also World Book Day and we designed and made hats inspired by our favourite books as well as designing masks and spending time sharing books.

Autuumn Term 2

It has been a long and busy term! This term we have been reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl in Literacy and have just completed some newspaper reports. See if you can work out what has just happened in the story by reading our two examples!

Art this term was all about experimenting with paint:  colour, tints and shades. We worked on mixing colours to create these wonderful landscapes which are based on Stonehenge. We studied Stonehenge in our topic on Iron Age Britain. The art work has been used to create the calendars for 2024 and should look striking at home!

During Anti-bullying week, we looked at ‘Making some noise’ and the children, for their homework, created some fantastic posters.

Christmas is almost upon us and one of our craft activities was to create decorations for the school Christmas tree. This year, we created Christmas trees made by carefully winding wool onto a tree template. We decorated them with beads to make them stand out.

Autumn Term 1

Art and Design

We made Stone Age figures out of clay.